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Complete Compliance Resources has an ever-expanding network of Independent Consultants, which includes compliance experts, technical writers, safety professionals, trainers/instructors, human resource professionals, and industrial hygienists.

Why be an Independent Consultant?

Be Your Own Boss. Independent Consultants mostly manage themselves, being subject only to the client’s needs and their contractual obligations. As long as you are doing your job and living up to the client’s expectations, no one will bother you.

Flexible Schedule. Independent Consultants have a lot of flexibility in making their own schedules because most consulting work is done remotely with only brief visits to the client’s office.

Valuable Experience. Employers look for the most experienced, skillful candidate to fill their open positions. Independent Consultants benefit from exposure to numerous companies and various tasks, which affords a superior level of knowledge and experience that cannot be matched by a typical full-time position at one company.

Keep Your Full-Time Job. You don’t have to be a full-time Independent Consultant to join our network. You can keep your full-time job, consulting only part-time.


We encourage all of our staff members and Independent Consultants to continuously expand their education and credentials. In support of this, we established a learning partnership with Columbia Southern University (CSU), which provides our affiliates and their families with several benefits. CSU’s variety of online degree and certificate programs are perfect for working professionals because their flexible on-demand courses do not interfere with career or family obligations.

Click here to see a full list of online programs offered at CSU.

Contact us today to learn more about our learning partnership and how it may help you and your family!

How does it work?

We do not post open positions on our website, nor do we share consultant profiles and resumes without their permission. Instead, we search our network for consultants who’s experience and qualifications suit the client’s needs. Then we contact candidates to inform them of the position or job/task, and request permission to submit their resume for consideration. If your resume is selected by the client, we will inform you of such and begin the onboarding process.

We will never submit your resume without your permission!

How do I join the network?

If you would like to be considered for a position or job/task, join our network by emailing your application and resume to or faxing to 337.616.8730.

Download our employment application by clicking the link below.