Solution Abstract

Complete Compliance Resources offers affordable, yet effective consulting, training, and staffing services to resolve the compliance problems of businesses today.

Our ever-expanding network of experienced professionals allows us to resolve just about any occupational health, safety, and human resource related issue. We recruit compliance experts, technical writers, safety professionals, trainers/instructors, human resource professionals, and industrial hygienists.

With each service, our goal is to make doing business easier and more profitable for you.


We offer personnel recruitment services for industrial hygiene, safety, human resource, and technical writing positions.

We consider more than just a position’s duties and qualifications. We also consider your company’s culture and goals in order to provide effective personnel that work well with your staff and add value to your organization.


Our consultants can create custom employee orientation and training programs to inform your employees of the hazards in their workplace, as well as your company’s policies, procedures, and safe work practices – helping reduce workplace incidents.

We also provide training at your location of choice, allowing your employees to work immediately before and after training – reducing downtime and production losses.


We can satisfy all of your industrial health, safety, and human resource needs.

Independent consultants have experience working with numerous companies on various projects, supplying them with a superior level of exposure and knowledge that cannot be matched. This experience also increases their efficiency as they can quickly identify problems and promptly implement solutions that work.