We can satisfy all of your industrial health, safety, and human resource needs.

Independent consultants have experience working with numerous companies on various projects, supplying them with a superior level of exposure and knowledge that cannot be matched. This experience also increases their efficiency as they can quickly identify problems and promptly implement solutions that work.

There is no limit to the services we can provide. Below is brief list of some consulting services we offer. If you would like more information, do not see the solution to your specific issue, or would like to schedule your FREE, no obligation consult contact us today.

Safety Management: Are you a small business looking to work for larger corporations with extensive safety requirements, but you just don’t have the budget to support a full-fledged safety department? We have the solution: Outsource Safety Management! With this service, our consultants serve as your company’s full-time safety department for much less than it would cost to maintain an in-house safety manager.

Risk Management: Have you had a rash of incidents lately? Did you recently pay out a large settlement due to an incident?  We have the solution!  Our risk management service will help reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents by reducing or eliminating risks. With this service we identify and analyze hazards, assess their risk, and provide corrective action recommendations (a.k.a. hazard controls) with the goal of eliminating risk and providing your employees with a safe, more productive workplace.

Human Resource Management: Do you need to hire employees, but you aren’t sure about the regulatory requirements? We have the solution! Our Human Resource Professionals are ready and available to guide you in this process. They can develop forms, policies, procedures, and other required documents to streamline your processes and comply with the Department of Labor’s requirements.

Pre-Qualification Assistance: Are you having trouble meeting the requirements to work on a specific location or customer?  We have the solution!  We will simplify the pre-qualification process – making it easier for you to go to work ASAP. We will take care of everything; all you have to do is provide us with your company’s information. We can also develop a pre-qualification management program, where a system is established that allows your managers to easily navigate and meet the requirements of your customers.

Program Development: We can develop any written policy, procedure, plan, form, and/or manual. Our staff has experience developing: Company-Specific Forms, such as JSEAs, Incident Reports, Employee Written Warnings, etc.; HSE Policies & Procedures; Drug & Alcohol Plans; Injury/Illness Prevention Programs; Safe Work Plans; Emergency Management Guides; Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); Custom Training Programs; ISM Code Compliant Safety Management Systems; AWO Compliant Responsible Carrier Programs; Vessel Security Plans; SEMS Plans; Oil Spill Response Plans; Emergency Action Plans; Employee Handbooks; and so much more.

Database Management: We can manage all your safety and compliance databases. We verify all requirements are met on a daily basis allowing our customers to leave all their worries behind, knowing that they are always in compliance and ready to go to work. Our staff has experience managing numerous databases, including Employee Training Tracking, Behavioral Based Safety (BBS), ISNetworld, PEC Premier, PICs Auditing, Veriforce, Fleet Maintenance, etc.

Audit Representation: Audits are performed by insurance companies, customers, and regulatory agencies; but who has time for all these audits?  We Do!  Our staff has the experience and expertise to represent your company in any compliance audit. We have received praise from auditors of regulatory agencies and large oil companies for our staff’s professionalism, readiness, and expedition of the auditing process. With our audit representation service we take care of everything, allowing you to forget all about your audit worries and focus on production.

Subcontractor Auditing: We can audit your subcontractors based on your existing program; or we can develop, implement, and manage a new subcontractor qualification program. When we develop a new program, we work with you to understand what is important to your firm, then we set program requirements, create audit documentation, and finally verify subcontractor compliance via audits.

Hazard Hunts / Site Inspections: Hazard hunts and site safety inspections help reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents, which saves you money. With this service, we travel to your job site(s) to conduct the inspection, hazards are then identified, and recommendations for corrective actions are provided. We can also track corrective actions to completion and maintain documentation of inspections for auditing and litigation purposes.

Incident Investigation: Incident investigations are required by customers, insurance agencies, and federal regulations. We have experienced and knowledgeable professionals available to investigate and document your occupational incidents. An incident investigation may include development of a timeline of events, photos of the scene, post-accident drug testing, witness interviews and statements, collection of incident reports, root cause analysis with corrective action recommendations, and creation of safety alerts/lessons learned.